Polk County Middle School Profile

Opened:    2005
Location:  Polk County North Carolina, western part of NC at the foothills of the 
                    Blue Ridge Mountains
Mascot:     Wolverines
School Colors: blue, white and gray
Student Population:  approx. 550
Grades: 6,7,8
Staff:  Our highly qualified staff is composed of teachers with degrees ranging from 
             bachelors to doctorate degrees.
Teams:  There are 2 "teams" on each grade level.  A team consists of 4 "core" subject teachers (Social Studies, Language Arts, Math, and Science).
In addition to the core subjects and teachers, students also have "exploratory" subjects and teachers.  Exploratory classes include visual arts, band, healthful living, STEM, life skills, CTE, Spanish, and Mandarin language and Chinese culture.
Students are also supported in their academics by guidance counselors and subject area remediation and special education teachers.

Administration:    Todd Murphy, Principal
                               Nikki Honeycutt, Assistant Principal